WWII Timeline

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World War II

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WWII Timeline

WWII Timelineby Jacie Harrell

WWII was a terrible time for many countries, but Americans went through desperate measures to protect the country we love and we were victorious!

The leader of Germany duringWWII

B-17s were used in WWII, they were very large and dropped bombs.



Hitler begins invasion of Western Europe.

Germany invades Poland, WWII begins.

France falls to German forces.

British RAF defeats German Luftwaffe, ending 4-month Battle of Britain.


Japan attacks U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; U.S. enters World War II.


Wannsee Conference held; Nazi "Final Solution" for Jews adopted.

Bataan "Death March" begins in the Philippines.

Battle of Midway ends with decisive U.S. victory over Japan.

2nd Battle El Alamein ends in British victory over Germany in Egypt.

Battle of Stalingrad ends with Soviet victory over Germany.


Adolf Hitler

The president of the U.S. after Roosevelt died only 4 months into WWII.

Harry Truman

The leader of the Soviet Union during WWII

Joseph Stallin

*The leader of Great Britan during WWII.

Winston Churchill

*I love this photo! To us, he is holding up a peace sign, but in Great Britain this was always used as a sign of victory and Churchill used it all the time.

A video featuring all the events of WWII.<<<<<<<<


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