WWII Propaganda Targeting Japanese

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World War II

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WWII Propaganda Targeting Japanese

WWII Propaganda Targeting Japanese

What was the propaganda like? Mostly, propaganda used the fear tactic to influence people. There were a few different ways that this was conveyed. First of all, there were cartoons, like the Tokio Kid series. These were a series of propaganda leaflets that featured a fanged, yellow, animal-like man who was suppose to be a Japaneese man. Other propaganda inlcuded diagrams that compared Japaneese, Chineese, and Caucasians. These promoted steriotypes, and also made a very distinct seperation of races (Miles May 26, 2014).

Why, How, Effects

Why have propaganda in the first place?First of all, propaganda is information given to influence people into altering their social perceptions (Propaganda May 26, 2014). Second of all, Japan bombed pearl harbor. This left much dislike, hate, and fear around the Japaneese race. In fact, this bombing led to the United States declaring war on Japan. America and Japan then went on to fight a long war in the Philippines (Pearl, May 26, 2014).

What effect did the propaganda have?During the war, in a poll, 13% of Amreicans felt that after World War two was over, all people of Japaneese decent should be killed (Bailey 116-17). Although 13% seemes small, that is more than a tenth of the population. The effects of the origonally Japaneese propaganda turned into Japaneese-American hate. This is proved by the consentration camps that they were put into. After the Pearl Harbour bombings, some groups issued "Jap Hunting Licenses" that declared it open hunting season for Japaneese (Miles May 26, 2014). All in all, people hated the Japaneese.

Book ConectionThis propaganda gives us a much better idea of why some characters in Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet are treated so poorly by some. The hate that there was against the Japanese was interpreted by the Americans as hate for those of Japanese ancestery. This hate then caused all of the racist and hatful slurrs against Kieko. This also caused the internment that is a large part of the story.

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    Very nice work, Cyrus. I caught a few spelling errors that I'd like you to fix. Japanese, not Japaneese - you spelled it both ways. The others are typos, I think.

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    Nice GLOG. The examples of propaganda were helpful.

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    Your graphics and videos really helped give more insight to your already great writing.

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    Nice job on showing propaganda. Your glog is very informative. I learned a lot about propaganda

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    Really well designed, everything was easy to see and informative.

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    Your glog utilized visual imagery very well; the cartoons emphasized the race-hate of World War 2.

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