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Social Studies

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WWII Glog-Molly

World War II CausesThe Beginning of the Horrible Times

Kristalnacht struck fear in the hearts of many Jews. Kristalnacht=Night of Broken Glass. People destroyed businesses, houses and burnt churches that Jews went to.

Look at percentage of unemployment. Is it surprising?

The one to blame for this horrifying age in time was a soldier named Adolf Hitler. He lied and decieved so many people of Germany. He persucuted and discriminated Jews and so many other races. One of the world's worst leaders... if you call him a leader.

World War II was mainly caused by the effect on the economy from the Treaty of Versialles. It brought out so much hatred that some of the Germans blamed their troubles on the Jews. The Treaty of Versialles made Germany pay for the HUGE war cost. Nobody even bothered to help Germany out. Soon, "the war bell" rang out through Europe. It took millions of Geman lives and cost tons!

The Star of David is worn for easy recognition of Jews.

Children soon became so involved in the discrimination in the Hitler Youth. Many parents were afraid of their children. Anyone who even tried to stop children from joining were arrested. The nerve of Hitler for making kids become as mailicious as he was!

Why you ask that kids joined such a man? It's because he lied and went back on his worthless promises. Who wouldn't join a man with "promises" of domination?


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