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Social Studies
World War I

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he M.A.I.N causes of war was nationalism imperialism militarism alliance system.It has led to the first world war.It caused countries to go into war with each other by going in alliance with italy and ausria.The M.A.I.N is the all of what set world war to become what it is Nationalism unity bases in a common language religion and heritage.The large empires torn apart by nationalist groups wanting independence.Imperialism was the european nations competed for colonies. Alliance opposed to the central powers was the triple entente which was foemed by three great European powers british empire,french republic, and rusian empire . Militarism was significant force in several European nations in years prior to world war 1.Balkin crises of 1914

The End of Versailles was one of the peace treaties at the end of the war. It ended the state of war between Germany and l of the other allied powers. The social was that there was a new field in occupation and women had to work.The socialist broke out in germany. The political impact of world war1 the treaty of versaillies.Germany was required to make significant territorial concessions the area was boarding two countries that had been ceded to germany. Economic Impact Germany suffered following under the war.Under the treaty of versailes Germany was required to make monotary payments to the allies.Germany was effected by the great depression. This is what caused the war to end because of the economic impact political and social

MACHINE GUNS Tatic:British machine guns fired 8 rounds per second at a distance of 2,900 yard. Response:Trenches & barbed wire

FLAMETHROWERS Tatic:Shoot flaming fuel onto groups of enemies. Response:Snipers aimed for their flammable tanks.

ARTILLERY Tatic:Powerful cannons shoot shells over a mile away.Morter rounds more portable.

GRENADES Tatics:Some grenades used fuses more industrialized countries pulled pins. Response:Threw them back.

BAYONETS Tatic:Used for combat or to strike fear in enemy. Response:better bayonets & combat knives.


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