WW I Weapons

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World War I

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WW I Weapons

They tough the german armies was the first ones to use poison gas. The effect of chlorine gas were bad, within seconds of inhaling its vapor it destroyed the persons resporatory oragns bringing on chocking attacks mustard gas an odourless chemical it caused both internally and externally, broughton several hours after the exposure.

Airplanes went about 100 miles per hour. There speed was about 233 Kph.They would fight in air throwing granades, rifles, and pistols.

The first tank was gives the nick name little willy. Weighing 14 tons and bearing 12 feet long tracks that could carry 3 people in cramped conditions. Top speed was 3 miles per hour on ground level and 2 miles per hour on rough terrain.


Machine Guns were just not used in land but in planes and ships. Mechine guns used the same ammunition as the Lee Enfield riffle(0.03inches in bullets) and could fire at the rate off 450 bullets in a minute . They could fire 400-600 small calibre per minute, and they would overheat faster.

When the first world war 1 begin the germans armed forces had 29 U-boats. Each U-boat was 315 feet long with 2 large cargo comparments. They could carried 700 tons of cargo at 12-13 knot speed.

We are, "he said,"Tired and weary men who would like to rest; however, there are men more weary then we who need our help. We may not have too do much; we may have to do a great deal whatever happens, fight like hell. I shall at any time. " (R. Hossack,1915)

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