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Social Studies
World War I

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WWI Poster

U-boat, German U-boot, abbreviation of Unterseeboot, (“undersea boat”), a German submarine. They were used in WWI to stop trade. Their use eventually led to the US entering WWI.

Effects of WWI Essay

The early use of tanks in WWI was in response to the stalemate caused by trench warefare. They were used where regular vehicles could not. They were nicknamed "tanks" because of their resembalance to steel-water tanks.

Planes were used extensivly in WWI for different purposes. Planes were used for recon, dogfighting, and bombing runs. They played a vital role in WWI.

The German super-howitzer, nicknamed "Big Bertha", was used to shell trenches in WWI. It had an ultra long range, and used giant shells. These were capable of penetrating enemy lines and hitting enemy tranches.

The Maxim gun was the first recoil-operated machine gun to be invented by the U.S. It used the recoil energy from each shot to eject the spent cartridge and insert a new one. It was used during the colonial times and WWI.

WWI Poster


Triple Entente

Triple Alliance

Europe Before WWI

Europe After WWI

M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI Essay

WWI was a massive war that involved many nations. This was the first of the two biggest wars ever fought anywhere on the globe. There were four M.A.I.N. reasons that caused World War One. First, M.A.I.N. is an acronym used to describe the four things that made up a “powder keg” that would eventually lead to the explosive WWI. The “M” stands for militarism, where all the major countries were building powerful armies. The “A” stands for alliance system, where countries were linked through alliances.The “I” stands for imperialism, where a country is trying to take over, or conquer, another country. The”N” stands for nationalism, where the people of a country feel a strong sense of pride and would go to extremes to prove its superiority. Second, the match that lit the powder keg was the Balkan Crisis. This is when Austria-Hungary tries to take over Serbia when Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated. The “M” was Austria-Hungary and other nations building up their armies. The “A” was present when Austria-Hungary became allies with Germany and Italy, forming the Triple Alliance. The “I” was present when Austria-Hungary tries to imperialize Serbia. The “N” was created when Francis Ferdinand was assassinated, inspiring nationalism in Austria-Hungary’s people.This is how these four M.A.I.N. reasons caused WWI. These reasons, along with the assassination of Francis Ferdinand, started one of the biggest wars ever fought.

The ending of WWI and the treaty of versailles had many political, social, and economic impacts. First it had many adverse social effects. One of these social effects was the russian revolution. This caused them to lose WWI. Another social effect would be the destruction of countless homes, farms, and villages. This left many in debt and poverty. Many countries economies were also affected. In total, the war cost $38 billion dollars. This hurt many countries economy, and had a negative impact on the world. Of that debt, $33 billion was blamed on germany. Having to pay these reparations devastated Germany’s economy. The ending of WWI also had many political effects. One of these is the creation of the League of Nations. This was an early system, similar to the UN, that helped countries to discuss problems. Another political effect would be the loss of land to Germany and Russia. They both lost territory, and Germany lost all of its colonies. These are the many effects the ending of WWI and the treaty of Versailles had on the world.


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