[2014] Brooke LaMont: WWI Gas Mask

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World War I

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[2014] Brooke LaMont: WWI Gas Mask

Creator(s) of the Gasmask.John Deane invented a gasmask in a cruel form to keep the soldiers from inhaling smoke in 1818.Some now credit french chemist Anselme Paylen (1795-1871)and Garrett Augustus Morgan, (1877-1963)An American inventor with creating the modern gasmask independently.Gasmasks were invented so the soldiers fighting in WWI didnt inhale the poisonious gas that was used against the western front. The English had no way of getting Morgans invention so they were stuck using chemically treated cotton pads over their mouths and noses. Sometimes rags with human urine over their face.

History Of the Gasmask - The gasmask was devised by a professor of chemistry and an engineer, but its diffucult to devise it to one single inventor. -Before it was called a gasmask, Morgan called it the saftey hood or breathing devise. This device consisted of a head, that was placed over the user of the device. Connected to the head, two tubes were there, one for breathing fresh air and the other took away used air. The fresh air tubed was lined with an absorbent material to keep out any smoke or dust particles.


Most firemen would use these types of gas masks.

Modifications The gas mask was modified from a rag with human/animal urine to a mask, with airtubes connected to a chemical filter to nuetralize the gas.

The gas mask, changed warfare forever. It was used so soldiers could breathe, and not inhale the gases the other side(s) were using. It changed it, even now days. When our present day soldiers go to battle, they still use gas masks even though were not supposed to use gas, some people do and the gas masks protect them from getting hurt, blinded, burnt, or even in some cases death from inhaling these gases.

Payens use of tobacco edventually became an important feature used in gasmasks in WWI (1914-1918)

They would even use gas mask for the animals that went to warfare with the soldiers so they were safe from the poisenous gases.

Gas Mask Fun Fact!

Men in the war would use gas mask to protect themselves from many of the poisenous gases used. Before the gasmask were modified they looked like a doctors face maskwith goggles as shown in the picture above.

Gasmask were modified for the saftey of the men/animals using them. The modifications turned the original gas mask to this. Instead of using a chemically treated gas mask, they used a full face mask to cover their eyes, mouth and nose.

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