WWI Caauses

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Social Studies
World War I

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WWI Caauses

Main Causes

The Spark


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The spark is when Franz Ferdinand the Austrian Archduke of Austria-Hungary and his Wife were targeted by the "Black Hand" who are the Serbian. The reason Franz Ferdinand was target because he did not make the right decision for the Serbian people or the Austria-Hungary people. When the "Black Hand "group wasnt secussful, Franz and his Wife was assassinated by Serbian name Gravrilo Princip. When Austria-Hungary goverment incriminate the Serbia about the assassination they declared war.

World War I Causes

July Crisis

28 June 1914 - Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife assassinated by Serbian Gravrilo Princip. 6 July 1914- Austria Hungary did a local war against Serbia then were supported by Germany. 29 July 1914 - Britian, France and Belgium netural. Russia moblises to support Sebria. 1 August 1914- Germany declare Russia then Italy declares to be neutral on the grounds of Austria-Hunagry. 3 August 1914- Germany started an alliance with Turkey and declares war with France. 4 August 1914- Germany went through Belguim using the Schlieffen Plan. British started war with Germany because they wouldnt leave Belgium alone. 6 August 1914- Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia then days laters Germany.

Nationalism- being strong supporter of own's counrty, the rights and interests one counrty. When Sebria wanted to be it owns counrty and rebell againt Austria-Hungary. Imperialism- when a counrty influence and takes over another country. France,Britian,Germany,Russia,and Japan wants to take different parts of China. Alliance- An union comes together to support other unions. Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary ItalyTriple Entente: France,Britain,and Russia. Militarlism- An army and military forces are given high profile by the govorment. When the Triple Alliance form a big army to defeat other alliances.

When the Enlgand are going to no man land and jumping over trenches.

The news talks about the July Crisis

Franz Ferdinand's Family.

The picture of AlliancesWWI

When the soldiers are heading to war.


“Whilst asleep during the night, we were frequently awakened by rats running over us. When this happened too often for my liking, I would lie on my back and wait for a rat to linger on my legs; then violently heave my legs upwards, throwing the rat into the air. Occasionally, I would hear a grunt when the rat landed on a fellow victim.” (R L Venables)

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