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Social Studies
World War I

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World War I



By: Brianne Barra

August 4th, 1914Great Britain declairs war onto Germany!

August 3rd, 1914By supporting Russia, France is then facing war against Germany.Germany invades neutral Belgium, making Great Britain irate.

August 1st, 1914With Russia refusing, Germany declairs war.

July 31st, 1914Germany demands for Russia to end its mobilization or face war.

July 30th, 1914Russia begins mobilization against Germany and Austria-Hungary.

July 28th, 1914Austria-Hungary declairs war on Serbia!

July 23rd, 1914Austria-Hungary sends Serbia an ultimatum.

June 28th, 1914Archduke Franz Fernandez was assassinated.

The July Crisis

Nationalism:Loyalty and devotion to a nation. Promotion a feeling of national superiority

Militarism:The promoting of and supporting national military.

Imperialism:The conquering of another country based on cultural, political, or economical lifestyle.

Alliance system:An agreement between two or more countries to promise military protection.

Militarism:Ties into nationalism, while also making war seem inevitable or the best response to unresolved political/economical problems.

Imperialism:Going with nationalism, a feeling of superiority, nations felt the need to conquer other countries for more resources, land and essentially power.

Nationalism:Each nation is contesting to prove they are the best, which creates controversy over national superiority.

Alliance system:Added tension between countires. The more alliances formed, the more threatened other countries became. created major hostility.

The "Spark"Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated June 28th, 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia by the terrorist group "Black Hand".Explaination: The "Black Hand" terrorists were Serbian nationalists who were initially angered by the Archduke's plans on forming a federal government. The nationalists wanted to break off from the other states to form their own independent state. The Archduke decided to continue forming together a federal government, only informing his military leaders that responding violently could cause a larger conflict with Russia.

This war poster is briefing the public about the importance of food for the military and how it's what is keeping them fighting and winning.

Soldiers living in the trenches were going through a living nightmare every single day. Contaminated with rats, disease, trench fever, dead remains, and more, the trenches became appaling and revolting.

Machine guns were greatly used during the trench warfare usually across No Man's Land to kill off handfuls of men at a time.

Used in war for the first time, poison gas was proven very deadly during the trench warfare. if not masked in time a soldier lung's could disintegrate and could lead to deadly burns and even death.

Throughout the war planes developed attached machine guns, proving to be more useful than in the beginning of the war when they were used to spy on enemies.

In the war animals such as dogs were used to deliver messages more effectively, delivering secrets of the war and more.


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