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Social Studies
World War I

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World War 1

Nationalism- to have pride in your own country

Militarism is when militaries try to increase their military and have more advanced technology.

Imperialism is when stonger powers attack weaker powers and exploit the goods from the weaker power.

Allliance System Increased tensions and suspicious from nations to form alliances. By 1914 the two most important alliances were the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. The Triple alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. The Triple Entante consisted of Great Britain, Russia and France.

Decline of ottoman empireThe ottoman Empire was declining because it became weak because there were so many ethnic backgrounds and great britain relations became strained after great britan signed an agreement with russia, meanwhile Germany was getting close with the Ottoman Empire. The Balkan Powder Keg-The Balkans were known as the powder kegs of europe. Any spark will lead to an explosion. The Ottomans Empire control over the Balkans has weakened over time. Sirbia wanted control of Bosnia and Herzegovina

An Industrialized War-WW1 was a war between major groups of industrial powers. As time went on technology became more efficient which made WW1 a very destructive war.

Trench Warfare-This took place along the western front six hundred mile stretch from the english channel to switzerland. Germans hoped to get an early victory but they were stopped by british and french troops. For four years both sides were resulting in stalemates

Tanks-These first were invented during ww1. They were heavilly armed and helped friendly troops advance on the battlefield by using the tanks as cover and the tanks could break through enemy defenses. Although the tanks had many pros it was slow and clumsy.Submarine-It was an underwater ship with torpedoes. These were used by the Germans to destroy all of the allies ships and this is also how the U.S. became involved in this war.

Turning points-The entry of the united states was when the U.S. allowed american ships to carry supplies to the allies, meanwhile they were trying to remain neutral in the war. Germany used unrestricted submarine warfare that attacked any ships on the atlantic even if they were carrying american passengerslike the lusitania. In 1918 russia's new leader signed a treaty with germany that took russia out of the war

The beginning-Archduke Francis Ferdinand was the heir to the austrian throne. In 1914 Ferdinand and his wife were travelling through Sarajevo, Bosnia, they were shot by Gavrilo Princip who opposed austrian rule.This was the outbreak of world war 1.

by Chris Losee and Mike Ajello

Effects-more than 8.5 million people died and more than 17 million people were injured and famin threatend many region. Disease was wide spread in many regions.Factories, farms and homes have been destroyed. nations had huge war debts to repay



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