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Social Studies
World War I

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Weapons of WW1

Little Willie

TanksFirst used in the battle of SommeInvented to deal with the harsh conditions and terrain of the wester frontThe first tank was named Little Willie and could carry 3 men with the maximum speed of 3mphWas very effective in the fact that it could cross trenches and take heavy fire

Zepplins(Blimps) A big ballon filled with helium Used during the early part of the war Used in bombing raids by the germans Carried bombs and machine guns Were farely effective but were shot down too easily

RiflesBolt actionSingle shot15 Shot per min Range of 1400ftBig player in trench warfare It was the shooter that determined how effective the gun was

Torpedoes(Submarines)Used in submarinesUnderwater missille Used by the germans to sink ships carring supplies from America to Britain. Caused america to join the war (Allie side)Very effective

Machine Guns 3 men needed to operateFlat surface needed1 machine gun = 100 riflesField guns(bigger machine guns) were long range and delivered devastating blows to their enemiesWere very effective

PlanesWere a new invention, so they were used for the fisrt time At first they were for spying on the enemyLater were uesd for dropping bombs and aerial warfare (know as "dogfights")Very effective


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