ww1 anti war poster

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Social Studies
World War I

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ww1 anti war poster

do you want to be part of this?

shell shock victim from ww1

trench foot was a fungal infection on the feet brought on by prolonged exposure to damp, cold conditions and poor environmental hygiene.

Shell Shock was when you were exposed to artillery, bombardment, and other dangers of war. When a man spent enough time in the trenches or on the battle field, the sounds and sights of war eventually took effect on him, making him a mental mess. As far as I know, there was no treatment

lice were a rather big partof the deaths in ww1 because the soldiers were so unhygienic, due to them having to wear the same cloths over and over again and they couldn't wash regularly, lice would live and breed in the seams and linings of the woolen cloths,which caused fevers and other various diseases.

In World War 1 shrapnel was a major killer (metal fragments) from shelling. This was followed by bullets, grenades and then bayonets & any other hand made objects, that could potentially harm someone and blow their limbs off.

Reference http:amandalloyd.weebly.com/diseases.html

Just remeber if you inlist to fight in the war there is a very good chance of you not returning.....