WSC EDU 626 Project

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WSC EDU 626 Project

Mind MapWSC EDU 626

Carl Rogers has been someone that I have studied before and have always connected with what he has to share and teach us about ourselves and others.


Lasting Impact

Classical Theories

Everything we do with students is important. We have the power to make an lasting impact with how they see their world, and of course with themselves in it!

The Classic Theories have been around for centuries, with some of the earliest thoughts of learning coming from Plato, a Greek. He thought that people where born with attributes from with in themselves, and that it needed to be awaken within the learner. People learned from his stories and examples of how to gain more from searching their souls.

The earliest forms of our understanding of learning and teaching comes from these thinkers. Really how do people learn? It is a question that people are still trying to answer today. And because of the that, and the quest to always keep trying to figure how how people learn is a driving force for all of us who are teachers.

Example from Leisa McClintockDue to that fact that there are different sorts of learning such as complex and simple, or ideas being learned with or without a teacher, several different theories exist. I think this is vital because not every person learns the same way, and if we get stuck in one way of teaching, then in a sense, we may be leaving behind the other individuals who learn in a different manner.

Behaviorism Learning TheoryIs stimulate from the outside to accuire certain knowledge - drill and guided practice.

Example from Karri Donahue Before reading this article I didn't associate classical conditioning with having a positive classroom environment. However, I've learned in the past that it is important to provide a positive and caring environment for students to learn in so it's a pretty easy leap to connect this to classical conditioning.

In today's age, many parents aren't very involved with their children's schooling and reaching out to them to find out if a matter at home could be affecting them is not the easiest thing to do. From Chris Killin

I think a lot of our problems can be shelved for learning experiences when we learn to confront our problems, even if it's our parents. Confrontation is avoided at all means it seems, but teaching our students to be constructive in their confrontations can provide them with a sense of closure. From Scott Becker

Learning is a VerbLearning by doing is has immense power for all students.

Putting it all TogetherBy Mark Jr.The battle is won through relationship building with each and every student on an individual basis. I have to find a way to connect with each child and chip away at the attitude to find the sweat child within. And I guarantee you that within every single child in America, no matter how badass they think they are, lies a child looking for love, attention, and has hope for the future.


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