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Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop

Top 10 : Keys of W.W.

In today’s Information Age, it has become increasingly important that all children are given an education that enables them to synthesize, organize, reflect on, and respond to the data in their world. ~ Lucy Calkins (A Guide to the Writing Worshop, Grades 3-5)

1. A mini-lesson starts with a connection to yesterday’s lesson. 2. Teacher directly states today’s lesson. 3. Teacher links today’s lesson to yesterday's learnings. 4. Teaching Demo Time *teacher demos strategy5. Writers Practice Time *practice with a partner and talk it through 6. Writers summarize lesson: “Today I am going to ... when I write." 7. Post this lesson’s learning on a chart with previous lessons for future reference.8. Writers go back to their writing and use the taught techniques/strategies as they write. 9. Teachers move through the room doing small group strategy lessons and individual conferences. 10. Workshop ends with a Teaching Share *writers talk about what they did and what they learned, most always connected to the day’s mini lesson.

adaptions by Tommie Murray original text by Ted Nellenwww.tnellen.com/Calkins.pdf

picture from www.ops.org

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