Writing, Research, & Game Design

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Writing, Research, & Game Design

Writing, Research, & Game Design


1. Haiku LMS

The link above will lead to the class LMSPlease sign in using your student email.Each class will contain it's own page in Haiku.For each page you will find all the information, assignments,and dropboxes for each level.

2. Course Resources

Elements of Style (Strunk, 1918)On Writing (King, 2000)Haiku accountMicrosoft Word 2010 (available in all computer labs)

3. Writing, Research, & Game Design Prezi

5. Scavenger Hunt

Learn about the resources available to you in the research library and writing center.

Due today:1. Sign up for Haiku2. Scavenger Hunt questions (dropbox)Due by next class3. Writing Sample(dropbox)4. Watch Will Wright video and post a comment on the Haiku discussion board.

4.Writing Sample:Write a short essay (500 words) regarding your interest in video games. When finished place in Haiku dropbox.



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