Writing is Sweet-Adult Learning Poster

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Writing is Sweet-Adult Learning Poster


Purpose: To learn strategies to help early writers become independent, self-regulated writers.Supporting Data: How do we know that students struggle with writing today? Teacher feedbackTechnology limiting student writingStandardized testingGoals: How are we going to address the needs of students in regards to writing? 1.We will learn the steps of the writing process.2.We will learn the stages of writing so we can teach them to our students.3.We will learn strategies to teach students how to complete a whole piece of writing.

Assessment of LearningTeacher Reaction-Survey, Discussion Board, Social MediaTeacher Learning- Presentations, Practice, ObservationUse of Learning- Observation, Examples, Follow-Up, Student Survey, Rubric, VideotapingStudent Learning- Student work, Pre & Post Assessments, Observation, Data, Rubric


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