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Writing Classroom

My Writing ClassroomBy: Caitlyn Robey

Anchor ChartsThese are fantastic way to reinforce concepts and processes about writing in the classroom. It's great for visual learners because it allows them to look back and find ways to improve their writing!

A Writing RoutineIt's important for students to have a set routine each day for writing so that writing conventions can be taught and practiced. Writing journals and folders are a great tool!

Display Student WorkDisplaying student work serves as motivation and encourages students to do their best writing.

Writing folders are a great tool to help students learn and use criteria for their writing. Rubrics, for example, could be displayed in the folder to remind students about what they are writing. They also help keep students focused!

These tools allow teachers to focus on the process of writing. By displaying the 6+1 traits, for example, students can can refer back to the anchor chart to remind themselves of the traits as they write.

Allows students to practice sharing their writing, promotes self-efficacy, and encourages the presentation trait.

References:Culhan, R. (2005). 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for the Primary Grades. New York, NY: Scholastic.



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