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Writing Class

Supplies:Pencils, Pens,Paper, Sticky Notes,Colored Pencils



Wit: A good sense of humor adds to your writing and our conversation; keep away from sarcasm, but do keep humor and joy

Relevance:What is most important? How do you show understanding?Remember - school work is our focus and is public: what would your grandmother think?

Imagination: Visualize what you want to say and what your readers need to know to see your vision.Invent yourself and your ideas. Make them your own.Suppose you are the reader. Ask "What if?"

Tenacity:Be persistent and don't give up.Show us your perspective.Give readers the evidence on your point of view.Refine your work for clarity of perspective and evidence.

Inspiration:What is your perspective?What is your evidence?Share connections so the reader understands.

Grace:Consider others.Use your humor to help, not hurt.Inspire us with your perspective.Be relevant in your feedback in our writing conversations-- connect our learning with constructive suggestions for refinement.

Writing is hard fun.~Donald Murray

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What do I need?

Notions: What are your notions about good writing? How do you explain good writing to others? How do you identify what to improve and what to keep? As you learn more about and reflect on writing, how do you use that to inform your own writing and to offer feedback to others?

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