Writing Assignment

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Language Arts

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Writing Assignment

1) In the first paragraph, write about her/his childhood and teen years.2) In the second paragraph, write about her/his present.3) In the third paragraph, write about what her/his plans for the future are, and what YOU think is going to happen in her/his life.


"Write about a person you admire"

Get inspired

For the 1st paragraph, use: Tenses: Past Simple, Used to.Time expressions: ago, when x was younger/a kid, in 1999/XX century, etc.For the 2nd paragraph, use:Tenses: Present Simple, continuous.Time expressions: Today, these days, this year/month, nowadays, etc.For the 3rd paragraph, use:Tenses: future WILL or GOING TOTime expressions: soon, next month/year, in the future, etc.

Follow these instructions


Here is a mini bio of J.K. Rowling.Watch and listen for ideas.

Click on the photo to watch a video on Nicole Kidman's bio.


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