Writing a book for Y.A readers

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Writing a book for Y.A readers

Writing a book for Y.A readers...

Realistic plot or Serious Subject

Doen't stress! It's alot easier then this!

Story Length


As we go through adolsence, we love a bit of romance wether it's on our t.v screens or we are flipping through pages. Romance becomes much more apparent and desired through this period in our lives and we want to know what others are experiencing wether it is factual or not. Example: An Abundance of Katherines- Colin lets romance take over his life and it's what the whole book is based on.

Young Adults love reading stories that impact or reflect on their life. They like to know that their not the only ones going through particular events in their life wether it being at school, home or self-esteem. They also like reading realistic plots becuase it makes them think about their own lives and realise that these things are possible. Example: Fault in Our Stars; Readers relects on how there are people their age who are suffereing from terminal diseases such as cancer and although times get tough and might not end well, you just have to keep pushing foward and making the most of life.

Having the freedom to imagine factors in a story such as as what the character physically looks like, the setting, objects etc, it's exhilarating for the reader becuase in the real world we are constricted with rules but reading is a persons chance to choose what they think it truely right, unlike a movie.Example: The Discovery of the Cassette Tape: The sister in the story is explained but no information is given about the protagonist, not even the gender so readers have all the freedom to imagine and create this character as their own.

Young Adults have a short attention span, espcially this generation. If the google search doesn't appear with awnsers after a couple of tries, we leave it and come back to it when we're bored. You don't want this to happen when young adults read your book. Think about what you're story is about and what group of young adults this would appeal too. After this, decide what you think the appropiate length is to still keep your readers hooked and wanting to keep reading without getting board. Example: The book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, 1,472 pages is for more advanced young adult readers and books like Enna Burning by Shannon Hale is 317 pages are for young adults who want to get caught in story and grow a connection with the story but still want it to be shorter. The most resonable young adult page count is around 400 in my opinion.

Freedom to Imagine

Freedom to Imagine

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