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Writer's Biography

Parragraph #1Do you know there is a 46cm mammal that works a lot at the dark on the trees? The red panda is this animal that lives in some areas of Asia like Nepal, Myanmar and in some parts of China in Asia. These animals live primarily in bamboo-forest that is like a normal forest but instead of trees it has bamboos and they live in the same place that the other pandas in China. The red panda diet is main based on bamboo but as well it eats fruits, corn and eggs, they are herbivores. As it’s a mammal the female gets pregnant and then it has the baby like humans and other mammals do. These animals are very shy and solitary, it has been considered that is a mixture of a Raccoon and a panda. The animal have been dying because the contamination of the human. The people are killing the red panda.

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The life of An unlucky Animal

By Gabriel Perez

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