Write a letter to an unknown soldier

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Write a letter to an unknown soldier

You should write too an unknown soldier because even though you dont know them they will appreciate the kindness and loveliness about the time you put into the letter. It is a good way to say thank you for putting the effort to fight for our country. About 15,00 people died fighting for our country so you should write to them because its a once in a life time oppotunity.

Writing to an uknown soldier is about you writing a letter on your computer or laptop and it gets sent to me and my email is somewhere on the page. The letter you wrote i will print out and i will put in the time capsual at our school.

What it is

Write a letter to an uknown soldier

Why ?

The lone pine tree is a special tree that is starting out to be a small little tree but is going to grow big,tall and strong. The first lone pine tree was found at gallipoli beach where the anzacs fought. So it is a very inportant symbol.

Whats the lone pine tree?

Well if you write a letter you wont get money or a present but you will have a really good feeling in your heart because you are doing a good deed. Once you have writen the letter i will put it in the time capsual near the lone pine tree.


What will happen if i write a letter?

This is a video telling you about anzac day and why it is inportant

heres my Email-epaterson2@mybce.catholic.edu.au so just go onto email and send me your letter to an uknown soldier.


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