Wrapping Greenland Michelle

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Wrapping Greenland Michelle

Wrapping Greenland

Problem:The Polar ice caps are melting. Solution:The Wrapping Greenland in covering the ice and keeping it from melting.

My project machine is Wrapping Greenland. I am learning about how wrapping greenland helped our ice caps from melting. Wrapping Greenland is about how a plastic blanket covered the Polar ice caps and kept it from melting. it was placed in Antartica where the ice was frozen all the time. The scientists have to work on some things though. For example, the cost is way to high, so they have to work on making it cheaper. Unlike all the other project machines, Wrapping Greenland didn't fail. The reason is because the blanket kept it from warming up. If the blanket didn't stay, it would've flooded. Wrapping Greenland is a very good cause torward scientists.

1. Plastic blanket could be tested by rolling it out on the ice caps and if it keeps the ice from melting then it passed.2. Water can be tested to see if the ice caps melt and it turns into water then it passes but the blanket fails.3. Ice is tested by seeing if it stays cold and doesn't melt, if it does then it passes.4. The air is tested to see if it affects the ice caps to which they melt, if possible it passes.5. You test Antartica and the Artic by seeing if the weather effects how the blanket works and or the ice caps melt, if so it passes.

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Global Warming is a very important thing to understand. For example, it is making the ozone dissapear which can be very harmful to the planet. The air is getting very polluted, the ice caps are melting, it is affecting wildlife and all the animals.The sun rays are trapped in the atmosphere, while the oil in different water ways are destroying ocean creatures. We, as Americans are taking too much electricity and too much carban. All of these are problems with Global Warming that have not been fixed. Also, the oil is getting into the animals systems and the majority have died. The ice caps are melting because of the heat that comes into the planet from the pollution. All of these issues occur usually because of the Americans, for example the electricity, the carban, and the air pollution. If people didn't smoke, litter, or use cars like they do today then Global Warming wouldn't be as bad as it is!

1. Plastic blanket needs to keep the ice caps from melting.2. Water needs to freeze into ice.3. Ice needs to stop melting.4. Air needs to be at the right tempeture so the ice doesn't melt.5. Antartica and Artic needs to stay cold so the ice caps do not warm up and melt!

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