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The Works Progess Administration (WPA)

The WPA was created to employ citizens while helping the nation's public works. It mainly helped individuals and business while benefiting the nation world wide. Pollitic complained this program was a waste, charges of favoritism, and disorganization. These complaints hindered the programs effectiveness. The WPA ended in 1943 right before World War II because the unemployed found more jobs.

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The Works Progress Administration (WPA) helped build structures as well as helping Americans get jobs. It helped over 8.5 million people earn back jobs. Americans got money from building or improving schools, playgrounds, airports, and hospitals. They refurbished an old theater in South Carolina, and a ski lodge on top of Oregon's Mount Hood. 1.5 million projects were put into effect once it was created.

President Roosevelt's New Deal Relief Program included the Works Progress Administration which was important to the Great Depresson. It was the largest relief program in American history.This program helped build building and bridges as well as helped Americans get jobs. It helped sanitation, better roadways, and access to more state parks.



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