[2015] Anthony Pittari: Wounded

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[2015] Anthony Pittari: Wounded

Records of Learning The 2 records of learning that I found the most helpful before, during and after reading were summerizing and note taking. These strategies have helped me improve as a reader by helping me retain more important information after my daily reading was completed. They encouraged me to do additional reeading on the subject matter. They also helped me as a reader to keep track of important events both within the text and with in the world connection. The reading stratagies of Note Taking and Summerizing helped me to be more successful in receiving / organizing information and ideas by allowing me to have notes and summeries for quick reference. This help me to keep the sequence of events in order. When considering the three course questions these stratagies help me to expand my horizons and helped me to learn more about my beliefs and shape my own opinion about humanity.


By: Eric Walters

“My father died, so he is a hero. Your father lived, so he’s just a survivor, and because he isn’t missing a leg or arm, nobody except you and your mother and maybe your sister can even see the wounds.” She paused “but that doesn’t mean that they are not there. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t wounded”. (Walters, p.150)

“There was a loud pop and a couple of kids shrieked. ‘It’s just a balloon!’ my mother said…It started me, too and – I glanced over at my father. All of the colour was gone from his face and he looked scared, almost panicky. Slowly he backed away and made a hasty exit from the room. It was just a balloon … but not to him.” (Walters, p. 118)

“Yeah, he hasn’t quite gotten off Kandahar time yet.” He was downstairs in the den on the computer… His computer pinged- he received a message. ‘I’m talking to the guys’ he said ‘on the base.’ ‘In Kandahar, right?’ ‘Yeah. I check in with them a couple of times a day.” (Walters, p.121-122)

“The side of her face, beside and above her right eye- the side of her face that had been facing away from me… Before I could answer, he reached out and pushed me, propelling me slightly backwards.” (Walters, p. 145-146)

SynopsisThe story Wounded by Eric Walters is about a military family trying to live with there father who has come home from fighting the war in Afghanistan. Marcus' father is suffering from a moderate case of PTSD and they are stuggling with how to move forward as a family.


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