Worst PD Ever

by MrsMarinaro
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Worst PD Ever

The BEST PD ever! Details below...

That may show up in your eval meeting later.

A super "famous" person.

Lots of great "suggestions"

Join us for the best PD ever! Build on your PLNLearn about PBIS, RTI, and TLTsAdd to your vast repertoire of acronyms!

Lots of sitting

All day long!

Who costs A LOT.


All you new teachers...

Become an expert at learning targets...

Prepare to be called out.

Be there, and make sure you sign in before and after PD so we know that you were "listening" the entire time.Where? The High School Cafe (because the Aud was not taken)When? The Crack of Dawn(Coffee might be served. If you can call it that.)Who? You never know, but you're bound to know someone.



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