World War Z

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World War Z

The author is Max Brooks World War Z was a follow up book for his book "The Zombie Survival Guide" I read that book too. It's about how to survival the zombie apocalyse is many, many ways. "The Zombie Survival Guide" is even on The New York Times Best Seller too. The book is even base on a video game he played.

It's about a virues out break at one the virus when to the human body and it start spread. It started small then it toke over the world with the deadly virues.

The being

World War Z

About the author

The book is about a father and his kids. It was a normal day but that was going to change. They we're at the streets drvinig there car going somewhere... Then a pack of zombies attacked them. There life has began to change.

World War Z movie tralier


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