World War Two

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Social Studies
World War II

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World War Two

World War 2

Holly WinegarPeriod 3Mrs. BraskampGlobal Civ


Adolf Hitler


Hitler's Military


Denmark, Norway, and France



Pearl Harbor

American Involvement

1. In 1933 Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, took power promising to fix what the Treaty of Verailles had taken away from Germany. He fought for what he believed in however he did it in awful ways.2. In 1935, "Britian agreed to a new treaty allowing Germany to build submarines and other warships." Hitler was building his Germany military that would soon help him take over and expand the German Empire.3. In 1940 Hitler and his army took over Denmark, and Norway. This helped Hitler gain more control of the Atlantic Ocean. Then came the attack on France.4. In 1941 the Japaneese started and attack which only lasted two hours. This attack how ever caused "2400 Americans dead, 200 aircrafts destroyed, and all eight battleships in the harbor were sunk or damaged.

This video is of Hitler giving one of his speeches. It shows just how much influence he had on the German population.

5. In 1941 Germany's U-boat sank the USS Reuben James, and American ship. This killed most of the crew on the ship. This was also the first American ship sunk by the German's during WW2. 6. In 1943 Germany sent the U-boats into American waters and hundreds of the ships went down. 7. Also in 1943 the Allied factories helped make bigger and stronger ships that destroyed the U-boats. They also helped breakk a German code that allowed them to track the German U-boats.


The Atlantic Ocean

German U-boats

American Ships

The Essential QuestionIf WW2 hadn't occured who know what would have happened. May be the Holocaust could have been avoided. May be the horrible concentration camp wouldn't have been invented. Because of the war women got to go to work for the first time, and America became more industrialized.




Hitler's Final Soulution.

The Soviet Union

V-J Day

8. In 1941 Hitler came up with The "Final Solution", which killed many Jewish people. The Final Solution consisted of many harsh methods to kill the Jewish population. One of these methods was the concentration camps. 9. Also in 1941, during the invasion of the Soviet Union, the "Nazis created a mobile killing unit to kill the Jews who lived in the Soviet territory."10. On August 15th 1945 the Japanese emperor, Hirohito surrendered. August 15th is know known as V-J Day which represents the end of WWII.

Anne FrankAnne Frank was a Jewish girl living in Germany during the time of Hitler's rage. "After war erupted, German troops began rounding up Jews in the Netherlands, and the Franks were forced to hide above Anne's fathers office."

Anne's family hid in this secrecrt hide out untill the Nazi found them and sent them to concentration camps. Anne died of diese in March 1945. "Afew weeks later the camp was liberated by allied troops." We now read Anne's thought's and feelings during this horrible time in "Anne Frank's Diary"


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