World War Times

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World War Times

By Joseph RoblesGermany attacked France but was held off by the French and British Armies. The Russians helped and they worked together until they lost at the Battle of Tannenburg, that’s when the Germans moved in to fight in Poland. While trying to get help to the Russians the French and Great Britain tried to get through Dardanelles and get rid of the Ottoman Empire. They ended up fighting on the Gallipoli Peninsula for eight months. They had to withdraw because they lost too many lives. In 1915 the war went to sea and the British were cutting off food to the Germans until they sank the Lusitania. By 1915 it was a war of attrition, each side just trying to hang on longer than the other.

By Joseph RoblesThe soldiers thought they were going to have a quick victory, but the war lasted about four years and the war had horrors never before seen. It formed two powerful sides. Germany and Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire became known as the Central Powers. Their territory extended from North Sea to the Middle East. Great Britain, France, Russia and their partners became allied powers. They had more soldiers and had a greater industrial capacity. They had an advantage over Britain’s navy. The allies got food and raw materials easily. It also gave them the ability to blockade Central Powers. Eventually 32 countries made up Allied Powers.

World War TmesBY Joseph Robles

By Joseph RoblesWorld War 1 was an industrialized war. Most of the products were mass-produced. Germany was one of the first countries to use U-boats effectively. The Germans also used gas as a weapon. Machine guns and long range artillery were used. Close to the end of the war, light machine guns were developing. Machine guns were very effective. And eventually airplanes were used to watch enemy troop’s movements. Sometime airplanes fought, and those were called dog fights. In 1916, Britain introduced the tank; the tank was also very effective. Wars usually contain skilled soldiers, but in World War 1, civilians were drafted. Propaganda was used to control the news about the war.

By Joseph RoblesAmericans believed that they should be neutral and that war was a European affair, but the war affected them. United States provided food, raw materials, and munitions to both sides. British propaganda had a great influence on Americans. Most of the stories were exaggerated or not true. Arthur Zimmerman sent a telegram to the German ambassador in Mexico to propose an alliance between Germany and Mexico. Germany offered to help Mexico to regain Arizona, and Texas if they would fight on Germany’s side. British intercepted it and decoded it. Germany declared a war zone around Britain. Allied countries had moved toward democracy. Americans were more likely to participate in war fought for democratic ideals. On April 6, 1967, congress voted to declare war on Germany.

The Belligerants

Innovations in Warfare

Early Years of the War

The United States and World War 1


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