World War One

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World War I

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World War One

Militarism- Army and military forces are given a high profile by the government. ~Cause: A competition between Germany and Great Britain to have the best forces during the Naval Race which caused tension deciding whether to attack or be attacked.Alliances- An agreement made between two or more countries to give each other help if it is needed.~Cause: When Austria-Hungary got attacked their allie, Germany, come in and help them fighting causing a total war to immese.Imperialism- When a country takes over new lands or countries and makes them subject to rule.~Cause: The more land Britain took over the more rivalry rose upon them.Nationalism- Having intense pride of the rights and interests of one's country.~Cause: Serbian radicals rebelled against the heir of Austria-Hungary to become a dree country.

June 28, 1914- Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sohpie, was assassinated by Bosnian youth Gavrilo Princip.July 6, 1914- Germany grants Austria-Hungary a "Blank Check" to punish Serbia.July 23, 1914- Austrian ultimatum is delivered to the Serbian government.July 25, 1914- Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.July 31, 1914- Russia mobilizes against Germany, but Germany threatened them with the danger of war.August 1, 1914- Germany and France mobilze against Russia. Germany declares war on Russia. August 3, 1914- Belgium refuses German comands. Germany concludes Treaty of Alliance with the Ottoman Empire and declares war on France. August 4, 1914- Germany invades Belgium (a neutral country) and Great Britain starts war with Germany. August 6, 1914- Austria declares war on Russia (six days later than Germany).

The "spark" that ignited WWI was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir of Austro-Hungarian Empire. The assassins that killed the royal couple was known as The Black Hand, but the man behind the trigger was Gavrilo Princip. This group did this task because they were Serbs who wanted to be a free nation (this is an act of nationalism). ~Cause: These terrorists caused Austria-Hungary to start a war with Serbia, which both alliances, Germany and Russia, then stepped in and began the domino effect of a total war.

The "Spark"


World War OneKenna Leary

Main Causes


July Crisis

July Crisis

A graphic organizer that shows the alliance system before WWI

This depicts an American army, during WWI, marching to war.

"Sopherl, Sopherl, don't die. Stay alive for the children!" The murderer that ignited WWI, Gavrilo Princip. Princip seems to feel sorry for accidently killing Sophia because they had kids but he had no problem killing their father.

This cartoon illustrates the domino effect that occurs when Serbia stands up.

A self portrait of the Austro-Hungarian heir, Franz Ferdinand.

Imperialistic propaganda shows two countries fighting over one (America and Russia).

This illustration shows us the murderer of the royal couple.

This video gives us a better understanding of what WWI was really like.


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