World War One Weaponry (by mdr95)

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Social Studies
World War I

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World War One Weaponry (by mdr95)

Part 1 of 5 videos on WWI Wep

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Chemical Weapons. of WWI

World War One Weaponry

Standard Germ Rifle Top Mauser 98Standard US Rifle Bottom M1 Garand

Armour, Planes, and Siege Weapons

Siege Weapons and armored vehicles proved to be key components to success in WWI. The introduction of the tank allowed quick and safe travel across a battlefield. While very cramped and thin armor to today's standards. The tanks of WWI devastated the battlefield. The thought of a machine that could only be destroyed with explosives or traps, which most soldiers did not have at this time, was dramatic. Tanks not only dealt heavy damage with its armor and guns, but the Tanks psychological affect on the enemy was almost important as it's weapons and armor.

The airplane made its debut in the conflicts of WWI. Not only were the planes used as reconnaissance assets. They were later fitted with machine guns and bombs which allowed a swift and brutal attack on enemy fortifications. "Dogfighting" came about with the addition of machine guns to an airplanes arsenal. Airplanes would later go on to play one of the most important assets in later wars.

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