World War One

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Social Studies
World War I

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World War One

Video about alliances- watch first4 minutes

World WarOneBy Jake Grilli

July Crisis28th June 1914- Serb student, Gavrillo Princip shoots Austrian Archduck Franz Ferdinand and his wife28th July 1914- Unhappy at Srbia's response, Austro-Hungary declares war on Serbia29th July 1914- Due to her alliance, Russia mobilises to support Serbia1st August 1914- Due to her alliances, Germany declares war on Russia3rd August 1914- Germany declared war on France


Europe in 1914England in 1914

Franz Ferdinand

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Causes OfThe WarAlliances- The growth of Alliances lead to countries arguing with each otherMilitarism- Countries racing with each other to increase there army size lead to fightingImperialism- When countries wanted to gain territory they ended up fighting each otherNationalsim- Countries thinking that they are the best made people fight for their countries

Britsih Propaganda

German Propaganda

No Mans Land


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