World War II

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World War II

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World War II

The United States wanted to stay out of the war, but they needed to build an alliance with France and Britain due to economic financial reasons. The United States also wanted to show itself as a major power by engaging in the war.

When & Where

American did everything they possibly could to avoid being drawn into the growing conflicts abroad. Staying out of World War II was impossible. In 1940 President Roosevelt had committed American ships to an undeclared naval war with Germany in the North Atlantic, and on Dcember 7, 1941, a devastating surprise attack by the Japanese against the American naval station at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Once America was fully involved they were fully commited to victory over Italy and Germany and over Japan in the Pacific.It took America a long time, but victory was soon in sight. On June 1943, American airplanes crippled the Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway. The war against Germany took longer. American troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, on June 6 1944. This is now known as D-Day.Victory in Europe in May 1945, came next and then in Asia three months later.The cost of the war was astounding as worldwide, 70 million people lost their lives, including innocent civilians and 6 million Jews who were murdered by Hitler and the Nazis' in one of historys worst attrocitues.



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World War II & The United States

Important Dates

Pearl Harbor

1939 September 1 - Germany invades Poland. World War II begins. 1939 September 3 - France and Great Britain declare war on Germany. 1940 April 9 to June 9 - Germany invades and takes control of Denmark and Norway. 1940 May 10 to June 22 - Germany uses quick strikes called blitzkrieg, meaning lightning war, to take over much of western Europe including the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France. 1940 May 30 - Winston Churchill becomes leader of the British government. 1940 June 10 - Italy enters the war as a member of the Axis powers. 1940 July 10 - Germany launches an air attack on Great Britain. These attacks last until the end of October and are known as the Battle of Britain. 1940 September 22 - Germany, Italy, and Japan sign the Tripartite Pact creating the Axis Alliance. 1941 June 22 - Germany and the Axis Powers attack Russia with a huge force of over four million troops. 1941 December 7 - The Japanese attack the US Navy in Pearl Harbor. The next day the US enters World War II on the side of the Allies. 1942 June 4 - The US Navy defeats the Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway. 1942 July 10 - The Allies invade and take the island of Sicily. 1943 September 3 - Italy surrenders to the Allies, however Germany helps Mussolini to escape and set up a government in Northern Italy. 1944 June 6 - D-day and the Normandy invasion. Allied forces invade France and push back the Germans. 1944 August 25 - Paris is liberated from German control. 1944 December 16 - The Germans launch a large attack in the Battle of the Bulge. They lose to the Allies sealing the fate of the German army. 1945 February 19 - US Marines invade the island of Iwo Jima. After a fierce battle they capture the island. 1945 April 12 - US President Franklin Roosevelt dies. He is succeeded by President Harry Truman. 1945 March 22 - The US Third Army under General Patton crosses the Rhine River. 1945 April 30 - Adolf Hitler commits suicide as he knows Germany has lost the war. 1945 May 7 - Germany surrenders to the Allies. 1945 August 6 - The United States drops the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. The city is devastated. 1945 August 9 - Another atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. 1945 September 2 - Japan surrenders to US General Douglass MacArthur and the Allies.

On the battlefield

Total Devastation

Into the bunker


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