World War II

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Social Studies
World War II

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World War II

Adolf HitlerBorn-April 20, 1889 in AustriaDied-April 30, 1945 in BerlinBecame dictator of Germany in 1934.In 1938 Germany invaded Poland beginning the Second World War.He felt it was his duty to rid the world of all Jews, Jehovah Witnesses, Poles, homosexuals, communists, and those with disabilties. He wanted an Aryan nation. During WWII he set up concentration camps for those people. Responsible for 11-14 million deaths.


1939 - Poland invaded by Germany -Beginning of WWII1940 - Germany invades Norway1941 - Japan attacks Pearl Harbor1942 - Battle of Midway1943 - Counterattack against Japan1944 - D-Day-American Forces land on Normandy1945 - Germany defeated-end of WWII

Bruno is the son of a Commandant in the German army. They move from Berlin to a concentration camp where his father is now stationed. Bruno explores and finds a young Jewish boy on the other side of the fence wearing striped pajamas. Bruno visits Schmuel everyday and brings him food. When Schmuel can't find his dad, Bruno offers to help. He puts on a pair of striped pajamas and crawls under the fence to join Schmuel. They are rounded up with other people and walked into a dark room where the door is shut. Bruno's dad finds his clothes by the fence and frantically tries to find him.

Lasting Impact

There are closed concentration camps and a holocaust museum to remind people of the horror that happened during WWII to the Jewish people. Photos, films, and objects have a lasting impact on the people seeing them.


World War II



The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

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