World War II The Resistance

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World War II

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World War II The Resistance

The Bialystok Revolt

Vilna Ghetto Revolt

The Jewish Fighter Organization

On August 2, 1943, seven hundred Jews torched parts of the Treblinka death camp. Most of the rebels were killed within the compound and of the 150-2900 who escaped, only a dozen survived. Two weeks later, Jewish paramilitary organizations within the Bialystok ghetto attacked the German army. The revolt ended the same day with the death or capture of all the resisters.

The Start Of a Revolution

On October 7, the Sonderkommonda succeeded in blowing up one of the four crematoria at Auschwitz. All of the saboteurs were captured and killed.Resistance still continued until the end of war.

World WAR II

The Resistance





On September 1, the people living in the Vilna ghetto revolted. Most of the participants were killed, but some managed to escape and joined partisan units. The following month, 600 Jewish and Russian prisoners attempted to escape at the Sobibor death camp. About 60 survived and joined the soviet partisans

Eastern Europe, especially Belorussia the western Ukraine and Lithuania, had wide expanses of forests and swamps which were ideal for guerrilla warfare. Joseph Stalin called for the establishment of an underground movement in the occupied territories to fight the enemy, and in June 1942, central headquarters were established for the entire partisan movement. With the arrival of Jews into the partisan movement, family camps evolved. These camps ranged from a several families to hundreds of them. The families took refuge in forests primarily in an effort to save lives and fight the enemy. Though few in numbers the partisans had an ability to move within enemy's territory, which the could then disrupt Nazi's activities. They cut the telephone, telegraph and electrical lines by destroying power stations to interfere enemy's communication.


April 24, 1994The Jewish Fighter Organization led the insurgency and battled for a month, using weapons smuggled into the ghetto. The Nazis responded by bringing in tanks and machine guns, burning blocks of buildings and destroying the ghetto, killing 60,000 Jewish ghetto residents. This was the first uprising by an urban population in German-occupied terrotory


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