World War II Technology

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World War II

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World War II Technology

The technology discovered in World War 2 is still very important today. The radar is used daily by meteorologists, war officials, cops, firemen, and many more people. People who created new medicine for specific needs and doctors everywhere still use some treatments that were created during the war. Scientists are also still studying and testing all the ways that Hitler had convinced people it was ok to hurt all these people.

I chose to research the World War II technology because it seemed interesting. Knowing how new technology helped so many people get away from evil is why this topic is important. If people stopped making new war materials then the Allies probably couldn’t have won.

After the radar spread throughout Europe people were searching for ways to get around a radar. About 16 centimeters long and 4 wide, a canister with little strips of tinfoil could be dropped out of a plane to jam radars. These were code named “window” and “chaff”. While in the air, special pilots would be given coordinated to drop a chaff. Each chaff can block a certain amount of space where radars are. If you saw someone dropping a chaff, it would look like a gigantic white half circular shaped cloud.

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When Hitler realized that Britain was using a radar to block his bombs, his first move was to get a radar. Those were the new big thing in the war. The radar was used for much more other than finding where enemies would attack. Meteorologists would use it to track weather also. To put armies in weather conditions that they were used to and sometimes, they would attack in the heavy rain. Our side would be prepared for the fighting conditions but the enemy wouldn’t be ready for a fight in the mud and rain.

Almost everyone was inventing new technology for the war. Still used today, the British radar system was first invented to stop Hitler from bombing them. War materials were being invented all throughout the war. Cheap, easy and reliable machinery was what the armies from all over the world wanted. New World War II technology was the thing you wanted to invent. Winning this war for the pride of your country and to help end the discrimination between everyone was the number one priority.


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