World War II Spies

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World War II

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World War II Spies

World War II Spies.

1940 - 1941

Yeo also helped send 22 staff members of Benchenwald to the gallows. Bechenwald was a concentration camp where they executed Jews. He won 13 medals during his military service and is credited for being the inspiration for the film character James Bond.

Yeo Thomas:Thomas was born June 17, 1902 and died Feb 26 19 1964. He joined the army at the age of 16. He was a member or the Special Operatives Executive (SOE). He was recruited to the SOE because he was fluent in both French and English. As a spy he found valuable information about the French Resistance Movements. This information helped the Allied Forces provide resources to this movement. During the war Thomas was captured by the Gespato and forced into a concentration camp. His greatest success was escaping the concentration camp.


1942 - 1943



After D-Day Hitler banned citizens from riding in cars. Violette Szabo was captured after suspicions were raised when she was found riding in a car after D-Day. She was brought to prison where she was questioned by the Gespato. Then, she was sent to a concentration camp and was later executed for her actions. She was awarded 6 medals for her service and also has a museum named after her, the Violette Szabo GC museum.

Violette SzaboViolette was born June 26, 1921 and died February 5, 1945. Szabo's husband died while fighting a separate war in Africa. The death of her husband persuaded her to join the Special Operatives Executive(SOE).

Szabo's code name was Louise. On her first mission, she provided information about Germany's factories and where their war materials were kept and produced. As a result the Allied services bombed these factories to help with the war effort.

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