World War II - Pearl Harbor

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World War II - Pearl Harbor



Hirohoto, the Empreror, gave his approval for the attack even though he didn't initially want to go to war with any nation

General Short and Admiral Kimmel relayed many messages from Washington, DC to Hawaiian troops and other highly ranked Officers

Admiral Yamamoto Isokuru was the developer of the plan to attack the United States

Ensign Yoshikawa, a Japanese spy, assisted the Japanese plan the attack by observing the ships in Pearl Harbor each day

Hideki Tojo, Minister of War, was one of the most power men in all of Japan

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President, led American's throughout the war and helped prepare the country before the war started


WWII ProjectPearl Harbor

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Did you know...That the US government had a special program called "Purple" that broke the codes of sercet Japanese diplomatic codes? This allowed the U.S. to have an "ear in on all of the diplomatic messages transmitted between Tokyo and Japanese Officials."

By Michael Dobson - Based on the book Air-Raid Pearl Harbor! by Theodore Taylor

2,403 men and women were Killed In Action!


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