[2014] Allen Pratt: World War II

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Social Studies
World War II

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[2014] Allen Pratt: World War II

World War II.

Allied Army's andThier Moves

The Generals were Allied GeneralsHarry S. Truman - U.S.A.Winston Churchill - BritainCharles de Gaulle - FranceJoesph Stalin - USSR VS.Axis GeneralsAdolph Hitler - GermanyBenito Mussolini - ItalyHirohito - Japan.

The American Army was like medic because they helped produce ammunition for there allies. American Army fought the most of the war in Japan. The Britiain Army was not afraid they went up against the power house Germany. France was not the strongest but they fought proud in the end they surrendered to germany. The Soviet Union was tough they moved through Poland to the Eastern front and fought in many wars and won many.

Axis Army's and there moves

The end of WW2

The Battle of Okinawa

Total died at the end of World War 2 was approximately 85,000,000.The PeaceTreaty was called The Paris Peace Treaty. The Allied Forces won again.

The German Army thought the treaty of versialles was unfair so they started the second World War. Itay was one of the largest army's but the needed to modern up there army. The Japan Army were going to help the allies in Europe but there was one thing stading in there way the U.S. Naval Fleet so they bomb the U.S.

The battle of Okinawa the 82 day long fought war was finally over the U.S. won the allies were closing in on the 341mi. island then the Japan army surrendered.This was what was at stake airbases the Japanese were fighting for the vital invasion of Japan.


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