World War I

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World War I

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World War I

By: Batool Koma

During World war one, women were given a great opportuinty to prove to everyone in a male dominated world that they could do more then just clean the house and take care of the childern. However, even though the women didn't have a such a big role in the war as the men did, they could still show them that they are needed in the world and are just as well workers as the men.

World War IWorld War I

Once the war was ended, women were more empowered. It was shortly after the end of WWI that women were finally aloud to vote and that the traditional role of women began to change. Women began going to college more than they had in the past and more women would work instead of being just a "house wife". However despite women's contributions to the war, it was still in many ways a 'man's world'.

The woman didn't have many jobs to choose from in the war. However some of the jobs the women could take a role on were the land, transportation, nursing, industry and engineering. Women were mainly involved in factories, building ships and doing work such as loading and unloading coal. Women did very well, surprising men with their ability to work just as hard as they did.

Once the soldiers started to return from WW1, the women lost their jobs because they were not needed anymore. However, some soldiers got injuried and their wife's would take their jobs to support the family, that's how women started working with men. Even though women were working the same jobs and hours as men, women's pay was still lower. Therefore, they were still treated unfairly compared to men.


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