World War I

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World War I

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World War I

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Taking a look at the system of alliances, innovations, treaties, and Russia's civil war.

World War I

System of AlliancesThe unification of germany and Italy changed the balance of power in Europe. Bismarck feared that France would seek revenge, thinking that France would take over Alsace-Lorraine. So Bismarck set a policy where France is kept diplomatically isolated and make sure that France does not have allies, especially between France and Russia. An alliance between France and Russia would leave Germany isolated.To prevent this, Bismarck formed an alliance with Austria-Hungary and Russia, which was called the Three Emperors' League. The year after that Italy joined and became the Triple Alliance France tried to avoid diplomatic isolation, and in doing so they made a military alliance with Russia, Leaving Germany with enemies to the east and west. The alliance between France, Russia, and Great Britian was known as the Triple Entente. And so by 1907, Europe was divided into two armed camps.

Innovations in Warfare World War I was an industrialized war. Mass production was used in making weaponry, and new ideas were put into making weapons as well. Germany became efficient with submarines in naval warfare, and germans also came up with the idea of using poison gas against opposing infantry. New weapons included long range artillery and machine guns, and dug up trenches were used to protect against gunfire. The airplane was also used in the war, used to destroy other planes and drop bombs. Britain created the tank, with heavy armor and guns, as well as treads to run on. Men were drafted as soldiers, while everybody else worked at home helping against enemies. Propaganda was used to make people's patriotism rise in favor of their country and against enemy countries. Magazines and newspapers had agencies who controlled news about WWI.

Peace and Civil War. Vlademir Lenin's new government had signed a peace treaty with the central powers during 1918. The treaty dictated harsh terms, and made Russia lose a lot of territory. Russia's coomunist faced opposition from the Mensheviks, and groups who wanted to restore monarchy. To prevent that, the communists executed the Czar. This civil war lasted three years. The communists fighting were known as the Red Army, while all of the opposing forces were known as the Whites. Allies of the civil war were angered by the peace treaty and urged Russia to fight. The communists however, kept to their treaty. This led Russian allies to send troops to Russia to support White forces. However, communists had won, and they named the land they ruled over the Soviet Union.

Treaty of VersaillesSix months of bargaining and negotiation finally led to an agreement. The allied powers that won had a separate peace treaty with Germany, Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria & Hungary.In 1919, German representatives were presented with a peace treaty, which was signed at Versailles, so it was known as the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty dealt with Germany harshly, not following the fourteen points, making Germany admit they started the war, and making Germany give up chunks of land. The Germans highly objected this treaty, but there was really no other way for them.Germany took large territorial losses as a result of the treaty.


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