World War I.

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World War I

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World War I.

World War I.

Time Line






The BIg EffectThe Effect the assination had caused this whole mess of a war. It angered Serbia, and was ready to attack Russia wile Germany found this a perfect time to attack Russia for taking alot of their country. causing a war. The Effect the war had on the world was even worse. It destroyed homes, towns, even citys for 4 years the war raged on in Serbia, Russia, France, England, Italy, Germany, and Austra-Hunagary and countless lives were lost countrys fallen apart but we rose from the ruble of the fallen citys and rebuilt it all to make a more stronger world.

Germany Air Raids England

Here The War Begins

The Treaty Of Versiles Is signedALLIUA

The US Joins the War

Wilson helps keep U.S. out of the war

A Foolish DecisonIn 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife of the Austria-Hungary were on their way through Serejavo when a foolish man ran up to the wagon and shot Ferdinand and his wife dead he did this as he new they were next to the throne and he and others were not pleased with this. Little did he know he was starting one of the biggest conflicts in history.

Big Bad MachinesSigns of a warcoming were every were as countrys were building bigger better machines on land and sea England had constructed the "drednought" a record breaking size ship and was indeed used in the war larger railroads were constructed through germany and england to tranport more passengers, goods and munitons during this time.

The Cristmas TruceOn Cristmas of 1914 the conflict was as bad as ever but as cristmas rolled around the countrys decided to declare a truce for cristmas eve and day and would resume the blddy cnflict the next day. It was an interesting decison the countrys this was only used in 1914 though it was also used in the second world war all years it took place.

Deep TrenchesIn Germany, plans to invade their neighbor france were being planed the french knew of this and quickly set to work digging long deep trenches that whould keep the germans from corssing the border. Some of these trenches are still in modern day france wile others were filled in. Maybe you can go on vacation to france to see these trenches.

WHY were we so late?The reson we were so late was because president Woodrow Willson didn't want to go to war he wanted America to remain peaceful but as you all know we were forced to declare war on germany as we had no choice and we had to stop them from harrasing us somehow.

Why did we get involved?The Main reason we got involved was because we had no choice. America was coninuisly being harased by germany by sinking american ships Woodrow Willson (the us president at the time) had politly asked for german to bring the war back to eroupe and away from the Americas but in 1917 he had no choice after all they did and after the americans protested they must go to war to stop it all so he asked the congress to declare war on germany. Thankfuly we were able to help stop the war the next year.

WOW INTERSTING FACTSA Battle in Galipoli took place for nine months!There were several riots in the German/Russian region of Eroupe A gass battle took place in loos an strong winds killed 60,000 people. The war was considerd "the Great War" and "the War to End All Wars." Zepplins were used instead of planes to bomb cities as planes wern't functional for war use untill the 1930's

Confusing Conflict.The conflict between the countrys was very confusing as one country was against one and that country was against another country the other country wasn't against. So basicly this was all the allies: Austria hungary and Serbia were fighting against russia, Russia was fighting agains those 2 and Germany, Germany was fighting Russia and the US, the UK, Italy, and France. And this fighting didn't stop untill Russia and the central powers singed the treaty of Brest Litovsk and Germany and the Allied Forces singed the treaty of Versiles in 1918. See i told you it got very confusing. Just a word of advice: Don't make somthing this confusing EVER.

The Sub BlockadeIn 1916 the Germany had been raging with the war and Germany wouldn't stop untill the UK whould surrender so they proposed a submarine blockade. A submarine blcokade is a run of submarines that hold their positon around a certain place. The Germans whould shoot down any ships entering or leaving the United Kingdom and after the sinking of the lustina the same year America Forced the Germans to stop the blockade and not engage in fire at any ship. This worked but Germany still did sink many other ships from any enemy countrys.


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