World War I

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World War I

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World War I

America Enters The WarWhen america entered the war it in 1917.The war was 4 years long and america was only in it for 1 year.When they enterd the war to help the Allied Powers(France,British Empier, ect.)the same year Russia left the war.When Russia droped out Germany was able to move all troops to France.At first Germany thought it would be over and they had won put they were not prepared for the energy and enthusiam of the 1 million of American troops. Garmany was defeeted at their second battle (Marne) , so the never got their goal (to capture Pairs).

Germany Gives UpGermany gave up and signed an armistice on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month. Some of the reasons are : 1.The plan Germany had died (the u-boat system they had )when america came up with the convoy system. 2. The British blockade of the North Sea was also effective at destroying German marale. 800 German civilans died almost each day of starvation. 3.Germany was defeeted again and never captured Pairs at the Second Battle of the Marne. 4. More of their allies left the war.5. To many people on their side started to die from starvation or war. The treaty they signed was called the Treaty of Versailles. Soon after the war the French and British wanted revenge and made them give 33 billion dollars in reparations and lose territory (Poland).After that with alot more stuff World War 1 led to World War 2.

World War 1

Above is John J. Prerhing the general of American forses in Europe.


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