World War I Weapons

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World War I

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World War I Weapons


THE Flamethrower

Richard Fiedler invented the flamethrower in 1901. This was the greatest weapon for the German's against the French and the British in the year 1914 and 1915. It later became a weapon for both sides as it was quickly consumed by the british and french, this weapon was used to create a massive amount of destruction when groups of soilders attacked enemy trenches.‎

Trench Mortars

Trench Mortars were a great strategy used by the Germans to catch the British and French by suprise. Luckily the Germans had a stockpile and were going to use the mortars against French's eastern forces, but by the time WWI swung by they had 150 of these technical devices just waiting to deploy and catch the french and british armies by suprise. Eventually the Bristish took it into their hands to warn soilders the exttent of this bomb. It took David Lloyd George (Prime Minister from late 1915) to push through manufacture of the weapon for it to be taken seriously. British finally grasped the manifest merits of the mortar it was embraced deeply, and its design was improved to use as an attack against the Germans.

Machine Guns

The machine gun was one of the best guns/weapons to use because they were agile and long range powerful guns that fired a bullet per second. The machine gun, which so came to dominate and even to personify the battlefields of World War One. Each weighed somewhere in the 30kg-60kg range - often without their mountings, carriages and supplies.The 1914 machine gunwould require a gun crew of four to six operators. In theory they could fire 400-600 small-calibre rounds per minute, a figure that was to more than double by the war's end, with rounds fed via a fabric belt or a metal strip.

The entire British Tank Corps consisting of 474 tanks) saw action at the Battle of Cambrai on 20 November 1917.The first successful display of German tanks came on 24 April 1918, when thirteen German models, chiefly A7V's, engaged British and Australian armies at Villers Bretonneux. the first to use them, had produced some 2,636 tanks. The French produced rather more, 3,870.

Chlorine gas and mustard gas was used in WWI. They were very toxic and not so friendly especially when your around your allies. There were insidents when the gas would blow into a allies face because of wind direction. The chlorine gas was first used by the Germans at the Battle of Ypres it happened on April 22, 1915, the substance is a mixture of pepper and pineapple. Mustard gas was the deadliest gas because it made people vomit and get blisters and eventually die from inhaling it. Before masks were made to protect people from inhaling the gas people used urine covered cloths.




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