World war I Weapons

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World War I

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World war I Weapons

World War I Weapons


Machine Guns

Germans had more than 10,000 Units of Machine Guns in 1914.Machine Guns were capable of firing up to 500 rounds per minute.Machine Guns weighed at often more than 50 Kilograms (110 Lbs).


Poison Gas

Earliest models were poorly armored.The earliest models were also slow with 2 Miles Per Hour.Over time, Tanks were improved such as the Ford Model that weighed 3 Tons.

Aircrafts were very basic and crude.Aircraft Technology was along all frontiers.WWI was the time where aircraft was used in a large scale.


1914 chemcial irritant towards the body which caused violent fits of sneezing were put in army fired shells by the Germans.Januray 31st, 1915, tear gas used by the Germans am the East Front.Tear gas was shot through 15 cm howitzer shell against Russians though it unsuccesfully shot becuase of the cold tempertures that vaporizes it in the air.


All navies inculed submarines.An important armanment variation was the submarine modified to lay mines during convert missions off an enemy's harbors.Submarines were propelled by dissels on the surface and by electric motors submerged

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