World War I.- War Propaganda

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World War I

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World War I.- War Propaganda

World War One

Effect/ImpactThe huge impact was that Brittain won the battle of propaganda. They got China to declare war on Germany and gained the large prize of the U.S. This was because the British not only had more convincing propaganda, but they got it to the U.S. more effectively due to their superior control of the seas. The Germans, who were in the interior of Europe, had a more difficult time communicating with the U.S. Previous relations with Brittain also led the U.S. to enter the war in 1917 on the side of the Allied forces. They Germans and Austria were quickly defeated, and the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919. SInce the British won, their propaganda held more weight. The propaganda viewed the Germans, specifically, in a negative light which contributed to the Germans being blamed for World War 1. The propaganda of World War 1 also influenced the appraoch of propaganda in World War 2.

British Propaganda The British made the Wellington House, in 1914, as an organization that used journalism to portray the British in a sympathetic way, while portraying Germany in a negative light. In 1916, the British's, War Pictorial, was distributing about 500,00 papers every issue, which ended up successfully getting China to declare war on Germany. The British used private orgainzations in order to distribute news to the world in order to make it seem

German PropagandaThe German's style of propaganda was not only news, but cartoons, and short stories as well. The Germans produced a book in 1915 at their U.S. insititutions called the War Plotters of Wall Street, which warned the U.S. of merchants dragging them to war, which would ruin their economy. And the book also speculated that the British would not pay back their debts to the U.S. However, their obvious methods caused the U.S to be weary and decline support to the Germans.

German cont.Ther Germans used propaganda to portray the British in a negative light to the U.S., but they also used it to strengthen their armies resolve. They used mobile movies, short films depicting Germn troops' herosim, in order to increase nationalistic feelings in the front line. The German propaganda was much more direct than the British propaganda, and they incorporated their cultural mythologies in their propaganda. These were both plus points for their image in the world.

World Propaganda

Why Propaganda?/CausesThe obvious reason for propaganda was to gain support from around the world for each side of this war, mainly the U.S. Propaganda was significant because it was a subtle way for both Britain and Germany to attempt to coax the U.S into joining the war. They wanted the U.S because their power could easily tip the scales. Their huge amount of land, military, and location would help each nation in different ways. Germany, who was outnumbered, would gain an ally that could force Britain and France into watching their back, versus fighting a war in only one direction, which was easy for them. For Britain, the U.S. on their side would seal their victory, as Germany and its allies would be overhwlemed.

like the governemnt had no part in the production. The Zimmerman Tellegraph was British propaganda at it's strongest. It was a German diplomatic telegraph that exposed Germany's plan of persuading Mexico to declare war on the U.S. if they joined the allied forces. The British exposing this in the form of propaganda was one of the final pushes that forced the U.S. to join the war.


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