World War I Timeline

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Social Studies
World War I

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World War I Timeline

World War I

In this unit, you will be learning about WWI, and then write about what effects WWI had upon the world in the years afterwards.

Time Line


War Starts

Reading the newspaper article provided above, consider the tone of the article, and what this conveys to the reader. Could anyone back then have seen the upcoming expansion of the conflict. Relate the newsarticle to a recent event that has made the news.

Considering the terror and pain that gas use in WWI caused, reflect upon how gas is still used today, and some of the justifications for the continued use of it, particularly against civilians.

After reading about the Treaty of Versailles, and reading some of the actual Treaty of Versailles after Article 27, using the notes that you have taken previously, write a short paper (2-3 pages) on what you have learned about WWI that you did not know previously, and how the war affected the world in the years after

Germany, despite fears that America would enter the war on the side of the Entente, resumed unrestricted submarine warfare after one year suspension of it.

Consider why Germany might engage in such tactics, and what effect it would have in the future.

After watching the overview video of WWI, consider what you know about who and why the war started. After watching the video below, write down some of your thoughts about what the video is presenting compared to what you knew.


First Use of Poison Gas in War


Emperor of Austrian-Hungarian Empire dies



America Enters the War as Russia Leaves it

War Ends


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