World War I Propaganda

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World War I Propaganda

World War I Propaganda

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it..."

What is Propaganda?

Rationale:Propaganda has been used throughout history by leaders and governments to influence their citizens during times of national conflict and/or crisis. However, its use was escalated to an entirely new level during World War I. In order for students to understand the concept of propaganda and how and why it was and is used to influence people, it is necessary to examine primary sources from this time period, and compare it to how modern governments have used this technique in recent history to sway the American population to accomplish foreign and domestic policy goals.

This lesson is designed to teach students about the use of propaganda during World War I through the examination and analysis of primary sources

Propaganda as a weapon? Influencing international opinion

"Propaganda? Certainly! Good propaganda for a good cause! - We make propaganda not in the pay of forces or men in the background; rather we make propaganda for our own honest convictions. We advertise for our own ideal, and therefore we fight using all good means to make good propaganda to win the soul of our people"

“all that matters is propaganda”Adolf Hitler

Hitler's and Goebbels's ideas about propaganda were already actual in the First World War. This War was also the War of Propaganda.

How was information shared?

It's time to step up and fight!

Music as War Propaganda

Did Music Help Win the First World War?

The songs of Georgian prisoners of World War 1 from Germany 1916

Was World War One propaganda the birth of spin?

For StudentsThink about essential questions; Choose any country and create your own propaganda poster; Explain what kind of technique was used in this propaganda poster and what is goal of this poster; How do you think, your poster will execute its mission or not?


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