World War I- Propaganda

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Social Studies
World War I

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World War I- Propaganda

The General Use of PropagandaPropaganda was used to gain support for that nation's military campaign. This support was in the form of more troops, money (war bonds or donations), and supplies (such as making clothes or saving food).

Primary Source Question: The Soldiers AdieuWhat MANIA reason is this song talking about?

The economics of PropagandaPropaganda was mostly used to support war. Some support was for able men to fight or serve, but the other support was to help pay for the war, and keep war costs lower. Economic propaganda would be a poster that says to buy war bonds. Some countries, like Britian, even had posters telling people to knit socks, or donate yarn to the war cause. This helped keep the cost of war lower, as well as keeping up the supply of materials.

PropagandaPropaganda was used by all of the countries involved in WWI, including Great Britain and France, and colonies. Colonies like Austrailia which was part of Great Britain. Propaganda posters very much like the ones seen above were used in WW2.

The Soldiers AdieuBy Charles DibdinAdieu, adieu my only life, my duty calls me from thee; remember thou'rt a Soldier's wife, Those tears but ill become theeWhat though by duty I am call'd where thund'ring cannons rattle,Where valour's self might stand appal'd where valours self might stand appal'd,when on the wings of thy dear love to heav'n above thy fervent orifons had flown the tender pray'r thou put up there Shall call a guardian Angel down,Shall call a guardian Angel down to watch me in the battle.

World Propoganda in World War I

Social ApectPropaganda posters created nationalism. Nationalism is a big social idea in loyalty to one's country or nation. A great example of a poster that creates nationalism is one of a British general pointing at the reader saying "We needs you". This very much like the Uncle Sam poster seen later in World War 2 (America). Also, Britain had a poster (middle example above) that suggested the men listen to their women and "GO" volunteer for the war. Britain came out with another poster that tried to guilt men into joining the war. The poster with children on their father's lap (far right example above) says "Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?" this is telling the men to go to war so they have stories to tell their children, and that no one can say you didn't do anything during the war.

Propaganda: ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.

Political ContextPropaganda was used by the gorenrments and political groups to spread their philosophy and persuade people to support their country and to mobilize hate against the enemy.


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