[2013] Gina Poulin: World War I Propaganda

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World War I

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[2013] Gina Poulin: World War I Propaganda

World War I PropagandaGina Poulin

This propaganda poster encourages American men to join the war. The poster imposes symathy on those who are enjoying their lives instead of fighting for their country.

The below poster encourages Americans to buy Liberty Bonds before the end of the war to support our contry and to promote nationalism. The menace of the seas refers to Germany and their U-boats. The video in the bottom left corner talks about war propaganda through music. I thought the video was interesting because not only posters were important aspects of propaganda but other forms of media were just as effective.


The poster to the left displays Rosie the Riveter who is a cultural icon. She represented women during World War 1 and was a symbol of feminism. The poster to the right encourages people to save food for the soliders. During the war, it was common for people to send the military food. This is something that still occurs to this day.

World War 1 wasn't only a man's duty; women had a huge role in the war as well. Women had small jobs to complete at home while their husband was away and they also volunteered as nurses to the American soliders. The American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton in 1881, but became extremely popular during WW1.

The poster below is a recruitment poster for the drafts of WW1. American men were drafted but had to meet certain requirements such as age, height, weight, and health status.


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